It was Christmas Eve back in 2015 when we accidentally met riding our street trials bikes in Athens, Greece. We both got excited to meet someone else to ride bike trials in Athens! We ride together since then pushing each other towards trials riding evolution and we keep thinking ways to promote this great sport in Greece. That is how the core values were set so as to create AthensTrials.

Our vision and our ideas have been already set and we constantly try to raise the awareness regarding the existence of trials riding in Greece. We are optimistic regarding the acceptance of trials as we observe that our training sessions tend to turn into short impromptu trials shows and that young kids are asking about trials more often. We hope that someday soon our efforts will lead to the establishment of a solid bike trials community in Greece!

If you want to help us promote bike trials in Greece, please share our website and our social media accounts and help us spread the word for our cause!

AthensTrials Administrators: Alexandros Siasos (left) | Alexandros Karamanos (right)